The Story

It's Halloween and Wendy doesn't have a costume for trick or treating. Her mother promised to stitch something together for her but, she won't get out of bed. She's always sleeping! Must be the heroin addiction. What's worse, tonight is the first night that Wendy is allowed to go trick or treating by herself. What is she going to do? She may just have to rely on her own ingenuity and maybe a little help from her imaginary friends, Nora, the morning news anchor and Kush, a talking couch cushion man.

Who are we?


Michael Oshins

Michael Oshins is a SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory graduate with four-plus years of experience on professional and commercial productions. He has worked on dozens of short films, features, commercials and industrials. Some of his most known work is lead animator of The Lumineers' "Submarines" (Official Music Video) and director/lead animator of Swear and Shake's "Fire" (Official Music Video). His senior thesis film, THAT OLD FEELING, received SUNY Purchase's prestigious Saul Turrell Award in 2012. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force where he served two tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.


Kevin Kennelly

Kevin spent schooltime summers retouching stock images and went on to intern as a photographer at Kerry's Eye newspaper. He then took on the roles of photojournalist and then journalist with the Daily Star, an Irish national. It was followed by a three-month researcher role at Newstalk, a national radio channel. He then took on a role as roving photographer for the Corkman newspaper, spending six months covering assignments throughout the vast territory. Kevin joined Loosehorse Television, an award-winning TV production company in Dublin, initially as a runner, progressing quickly to the roles of Digital Wrangler, Producer and finally as an editor with many national broadcasting bylines in Ireland.


Ken Morris

How do we change the world? By changing the way we see it. In all that he does, this is what motivates Ken Morris the most. A storyteller from a young age, Ken developed his passion for cinema in college, producing his first feature, ZOMBIE LOVE, as a senior thesis project. Ken produced his second feature, OBSELIDIA, the very next year. It premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and is currently available online. Ken loves working with artists who challenge the fundamentals of storytelling and seek new and innovative ways to connect with the audience.


Mark Jeevaratnam

Mark graduated Davidson College in 2010 with a BA in Economics, while undertaking relevant coursework in visual anthropology. He has traveled abroad, backpacking in South America and shooting ethnographic documentaries in South Africa and the Philippines. Since returning to the United States, he has spent the last three years in Atlanta, Georgia, working on the set of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (Seasons 4, 5 and 6) and SURVIVOR'S REMORSE (Season 1). Additionally, he shot the BAD INDIAN web series and the independent feature PANOPTICON.


Matt Allen

Matt Allen is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a BA in Media Production. He served as office intern at CBS Films and provided support on the films THE DUFF, WHAT IF and PRIDE. While studying in London, Matt attended courses at the VET Post Production Facility in East London and received his Avid Media Composer User Certification. He interned with the Weinstein Company at the 2014 and 2015 Cannes Film Festivals. Matt edited the independent feature film MY FRIEND VIOLET that will be released next year.

Director's Vision

Film is nothing shy of magic. It illuminates our imaginations as we illuminate it. It's strange how we forget when we watch moving images, we're seeing thousands upon thousands of still pictures strung together and flashed at us, shot at us if you will. Such an incredible amount of images to consume and yet our minds digest the actions instantaneously. With lightning speed, we processes something as simple as a blink or an expression, to something as complex as inter dimensional time travel, all on a flat screen. There, we are given the chance to be transported, traverse foreign lands that we've never been to, never seen, some that never even existed, in the past, present or future! Film is a mirror, a portal, a window, a vessel which allows us to transcend our own identities, bringing us closer to magic. It’s something I think about often.

This access to the beyond is essential if we are to survive the most stressful of atmospheres and when speaking of this project Wendy, this is where the character and I share a deep connection. Wendy embraces her imagination, thrives on it, even depends on it for survival. In a house run by a neglectful, drug addicted mother, Wendy sees things that no child should see, deals with issues no child should have to deal with.

As I've been getting to know Wendy, asking questions about who she is and what she's all about, I'm uncovering my own past imaginary friends and remembering how they helped me in trying times. By making this film, I'm hoping that Wendy can teach me a thing or two about my own creative process and inspire me to reach back out to those once so well known imaginary friends of mine.

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